Assistant Trainer/PackLeader
Current Home: Griswold, CT
Hire Date: February 28, 2017

For as long as Trisha can remember, her love for dogs has been an integral part of her life.  Whether it was dogs from her childhood or those she's met along the way... Trisha has always held the relationship between canines and humans in very high regard.  For the last 20 years of her life, Trisha was employed by the Connecticut Department of Corrections until retiring just a few months ago with a desire to make a difference for dogs with the rest of her time.

In 2001, Trisha began to assemble her own "pack".  By 2006, her growing group of canines numbered 4 rescue dogs.  Fascinated with the ever-changing dynamic of her pack with the addition of each new dog, she began intensely observing their daily interactions paying special attention to their individual behaviors in varying contexts and situations.  Deeply intrigued by their behaviors and social interactions, Trisha began studying...watching documentaries on pack dynamics of both wild and domesticated canines and other pack animals...she had a deep burning desire to understand more.  It was at that point that Trisha realized that she now had a dream and deep desire to work with dogs but felt it was mostly likely to be just a....dream.

Shortly after retiring from the CT Dept. of Corrections, Trisha came across an Ad for a "Dog Trainer's Assistant" here on our company.  Realizing that this could possibly be the opportunity she was hoping for, but also knowing she had no true experience....she took a chance and met with us to apply for the open position.  After a short interview, I saw something in Trish that just felt right. With her work background, she was actually very well-suited for working with a Pack of dogs in need of guidance. So, I offered her the position and I'm extremely thankful I did as Trish is a true Packleader.  Trisha intends to spend the rest of time here on earth in the company of dogs, working to understand this wonderful species behaviors, and to do what she can to give back to them the true happiness they bring her.  In her free time, Trisha loves to work and play with her male Bulldog Mix, and a female Boxer puppy.

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