Megan Salvatore

Position: Assistant Trainer/PackLeader
Current Home:  Westerly, RI
Hire Date: January 14, 2019

Meg has spent her whole life surrounded by dogs, whether they were in her home or in one of the animal shelters where she frequently volunteered.

In early 2018, Meg and her family rescued two Saint Bernards who were sent to Canine Behavioral Services for comprehensive training.  Witnessing how her dogs progressed while following their journey online, Meg’s interest in the training process grew immensely. Shortly thereafter, Meg saw that Canine Behavioral Services Inc. was looking for a new person to join the team, so she jumped at the opportunity and applied for the position.  We interviewed Meg and offered her the starting position here with our team.

Since then, Meg has great enthusiasm and dedication and is eager to continue to learn from the other Packleaders.

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