Assistant Trainer/PackLeader
Current Home:  Coventry, RI
Hire Date: June 16, 2017

Alan’s love for dogs began at an early age when his family purchased a two-month-old yellow lab name Sam. The furry ball of energy became Alan’s best friend and partner-in-crime moments into their first meeting. Sammy sparked an integral love of animals, in Alan, that he proudly displays daily.

Growing up, Alan sought any opportunities to work or volunteer with animals. For his final high school project, he chose to conduct a presentation about Coventry, Rhode Island’s own police dog, a German shepherd named Enzo. After graduating from high-school, in admiration of Enzo and his impressive handler, Alan ventured into the United States Navy. There, he proudly served four years as a Master-at-Arms and as Kennel Support for our nation’s Military Working Dogs. He’s recently separate from our nation’s military to pursue higher education.

Today, Alan is a biology student. When he’s not studying, Alan’s spending his days with his young golden-retriever named Bailey.

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